Sunday, August 29, 2010

The reason behind our 'Retailer Only' Status

I wanted to take a second and explain in further detail why we've decided to go retailer only.  In the end, this deal won't have a big effect on the customer.  My retailers often have great deals, and can usually ship faster than I can.  The pricing is the same and there are a great deal of colors and scents to choose from!

The biggest reason behind going retailer-only is time.  I have 2 young boys at home, and simply packing up orders can take an hour or more out of my day.  Add that to the amount of time to make and dye dryer balls, and this fun part-time business has turned into a full time job!  By going retailer only I can make dryer balls in larger sets, package up one box a day if that, and cut my 'working' time in half or more.

Secondly, it makes no sense to me to compete with my retailers.  And every time I have a coupon code or special deal on my website, that is exactly what I am doing!  It's not fair to them because the cost of each dryer ball is a lot less for me.

Third, being able to focus solely on making the dryer balls means that I can continue to improve on my product while my retailers can be the ones "spreading the word!"

*I've edited out reason number 4 because my dear dear husband says it's too high schoolish and I'm better to ignore it.  So the new reason number 4 is that I love to promote other WAHMs and if I can do something that helps my retailers, I'm happy to!

So there it is.  I plan on offering coupon codes and deals through my retailers, and also will post any specials they have on our facebook page.  And just wait until you see the holiday specials we have coming up!!!


  1. I think that is a great idea! Very smart! Good luck! :)

  2. As a mom, I totally understand, and as a retailer I also appreciate it as well as your help and honesty and great customer service!