Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ladybug shorties!

Unfortunately I didn't get great pictures before these mailed out, and I didn't realize it until after I mailed them out!!  Hopefully the recipient will take some great pictures for me!!!

These ladybug shorties are about a size medium, but knit specifically for Jamie's daughter Kadie.

And a close up of the ladybug detail

I loved making these shorties!!  And the ruffles were tons of fun!  They are so time consuming but the result is totally worth it!!

Robot board shorties!

DH said that these colors look like robot colors, so I call these my robot board shorties!  I tried a lower rise on these and I'm not pleased...back to the old rise I think!

I've already had another request for this color scheme too!

Supposed to be longies

Well these were supposed to be longies, but apparently I got the measurement on his legs off a bit!!  Now they are just highwater!  At least they work well though!!

I love the yellow and brown stripes too!!!

I'm still working on perfecting the pattern a bit.  I think I just have a few more alterations to make for a perfect fit!

Board shorties!

I wanted to make a boyish shortie that was longer then typical shorties, but short enough to be cool in the summer too.  So board shorties were born!!!  I think they're long enough to be fashionable, but short enough to be...well cool in the summer!

So I started with the blue, green, and black color scheme that I just adore.  I overshot the length a bit, but it was easy to pull back the shorts on the next pair!

Here is Ryker modeling his lovely board shorties!
I am so pleased with these!!  One of the best parts is that I scented them when lanolizing, and even now 3 weeks later, they still smell amazing!!!  Although I do get weird looks when I smell his little butt in public.

New blog

I know it's a bit lame, but I always like to start a blog with a bit of an introduction...and good marker of a start I guess.  So here we go.  I am a 25 year old SAHM to my 2 beautiful boys who are 3.75 and 1.  I love to knit and I wanted to find a useful way to use my talents...enter Wooltopia.  I have a newfound love for wool and everything wool.  I intend on knitting a LOT, especially in the winter.  Wool hats, gloves, and scarves would be absolutely perfect for the snow! 

I'm also taking a dive into wool dryer balls.  These little balls helped with drying time so much - it's amazing!!   

I'm so excited to be starting this journey, and I'm so excited to document it all in a blog!