Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've had the feeling recently that some people have misunderstood things I've said.  And if some people have misunderstood, it's quite possible that my fans too have misunderstood.  So I have a few things to say a bit more clearly.

First, in my post "A dryer ball is a dryer ball" I did mention that dryer balls can be unique!!  I think most of the ones you see on facebook, etsy, and hyena cart will work the same.  Of course be careful of weight!  Always always make sure you know the weight of what you're buying: dryer ball wise that is!  But there are things that make certain brands unique.  Some people carry dryer balls made out of different materials for people allergic to wool!  Different scents, different scenting methods, different dyes, different colors, different styles, etc etc!!  I saw one of etsy in the style of a giraffe!  So cute.  So anyway, while I think they will all mostly work the same way, the are differences in style.

Secondly, I said I don't like competition, and that's true.  Competition is what led a marine to tell my husband that he's a worthless piece of sh*t because he's in the army.  That's nice.  My husband didn't spend a year in Afghanistan protecting this country because he's a worthless piece of sh*t.  But the competition that marine felt with soldiers apparently led him to be unable to appreciate that.  And it's not like that is an isolated incident.  Anyone in the military knows that all the branches have a certain degree of competition.  Sadly it goes into the business world too.  I cannot tell you how many companies I have stopped buying from because of commercials that feel the need to compare.  Just last week there was a Huggies commercial where Huggies had to compare their diapers to Pampers.  I wish Huggies could just state what they liked about their product, and not what they hate about others.  Of course I don't buy Huggies, but it did irritate me!

So when I say I don't like competition, I'm referring to the comparisons, and put downs.  I'm referring to one retailer tattling on another retailer.  I'm referring to the constant oneupmanship that is annoying at best.  I've seen many many dryer balls companies promote their own dryer balls by putting down others.  I'm not talking about just 1 or 2 people and I'm not singling anyone out.  Just saying that I don't like it.  I know what healthy competition is.  I know it because I have become friends with one of my competitors and we enjoy healthy competition on a daily basis.  We keep each other in line :)  But we don't try to shoot each other in the foot either because it's not necessary.  Her dryer balls sell well as do mine and I don't think either of us are particularly threatened by the other... Now perhaps I didn't choose the best words to use when I first said this (I think underhanded and backstabbing might have the the exact words chosen) but eh, we all make mistakes.    It might have been harsh, but that was how I felt!  

And lastly - yes we are retailer only right now.  I might or may not open a small in stock store one day, but that is up in the air right now.  Our prices have not gone up and most retailers still offer the same price as before.  In fact, most of them offer free shipping so it seems like there is a better deal to be had.  Colors are still available, and if anyone is looking for a certain color feel free to ask!  I will track down who has it in stock for you.

I've said it before, but I will say it again (as many times as necessary!!) if you need anything, please send me an e-mail at  I will always do my best to respond and help fix a problem, or find what you need.  Or you can send me a joke because I do enjoy laughing!

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